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 Ante Natal Class - Stillorgan, Dublin- 1 Day Saturday

What your course covers:

  gold3bullet Help and advice on how to cope with all the minor discomforts during your third Trimester. You and your partner will learn about the changes your body is undergoing and the best way to make life easier for you in the last 12-14 weeks of your pregnancy.
  gold3bullet How to prepare for labour and delivery, the 3 stages of delivery, what your body and baby are doing at each stage.
  gold3bullet Different ways that you can cope with your labour and how your partner can play an active role in your labour, working together as a team!
  gold3bullet We explain about all of the different forms of pain relief available during labour from gas, air, drugs and TENS machines.
  gold3bullet “When do I go to hospital?” Be confident in knowing when you need to go to the hospital and what happens once your there. We will teach you how to have realistic expectations of how your labour will be managed when you arrive in hospital.
  gold3bullet What will happen if my labour doesn’t go as planned? Induction /Caesarean Section/Instrumental Delivery – all of these will be explained clearly.
  gold3bullet Transition to parenthood - becoming a parent doesn’t mean you automatically have a switch that tells you what to do!  We explain this transition.
  gold3bullet Basic care for your new baby covers topics such as basic physical care, developing a bond with your new baby and understanding your baby’s needs (for example, why are they crying?)
  gold3bullet Breastfeeding Information: Research has shown that women who learn about breastfeeding in the Antenatal Period have a higher success of Breastfeeding their newborn for longer periods. Learn about simple easy to use methods to ensure your breastfeeding is successful, long lasting and enjoyable. For those of you not intending to breastfeed, we also provide information on bottle hygiene and feeding.
  gold3bullet We have practical demonstrations on preventing cot death and bathing your baby. Our aim is to give you the confidence you need for when your baby comes home.
  gold3bullet We provide information about all the Vaccinations & Immunisations your baby receives in the first 13months.
  gold3bullet Looking after yourself and your partner – we will give you practical advice on your new roles as parents and how to maintain a healthy relationship between you as parents.
  gold3bullet We cover health issues for both parents including resuming your intimate relationship and contraception.



You will receive a comprehensive pack to accompany the course describing all of the topics covered. This pack will be invaluable to you as a reminder and for reference as you embark on the final stages of your pregnancy and the adventure of parenting your precious new arrival! 

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All classes are currently being run via Zoom from 9.15am to 2.30pm until further notice.

Subsequently our fee has been reduced from €180 to €120 until we return to our normal classes

All classes run over 1 day from 9:00am to 4:45pm on Saturdays in

The Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan, Dublin

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Classes are presented by a fully qualified & practising midwife

Small class sizes allowing lots of questions and information 

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